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This is my personal website, mainly used for quick access across my various devices to my favourite websites and to sometimes showcase my latest photos or projects.

For development related rants and code snippets, you are welcome to have a look at my developer's thoughts blog although it's been more than a while since I posted anything on it so you'll probably have better luck if you follow me on SharePoint Overflow instead.

Have something to say ? Just e-mail me at

About me

I'm a technology enthusiast, working at Emakina as a SharePoint Lead Developer & Solution Architect. I have a strong interest into minimalism, photography and latest technologies. I'm a happy dad of two lovely children who enlighten my days.

You can also find me on :

Pixieset : For some of my latest photography projects
Unsplash : For free (do whatever you want) high resolution stock photos
Stack Exchange
Wordpress : for my developer's thoughts


Checkout Pixieset : For some of my latest photography projects

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